Code of Conduct

All members of CAROP commit themselves to:

  • Actively and passively promote other members in good standing
  • A “no spamming” policy
  • Conform to the Canadian Access to Information Act and Canadian Privacy Act
  • Share client information only with the client’s written consent, and for the purpose of conducting Rent to Own/Real Estate investing business
  • Treat all members with courtesy and professionalism at all times; and
  • Report offending members to the Board of Directors. Offenders will be investigated and could be subject to potential suspension or expulsion
  • Uphold the principles of the Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals
  • Provide full disclosure to clients regarding disposition of their deposits in case of default or failure to exercise their option
  • Ensure that all Rent to Own activities are performed within the scope and intent of the law in each member’s province, city, municipality, etc.
  • Advise clients to get their own legal advice or sign a waiver if they choose not to
  • Include a mandatory credit coaching program that assists clients toward mortgage eligibility