Home Owners Soon

Home Owners Soon

Guy Lew, Terry Hepditch, Jeff Belanger, Home Owner Soon Inc.

Serving Canada Nationwide


The Home Owner Soon Rent to Own Program has been providing deserving Canadians a Home Ownership solution since 2002. Mortgage guidelines are rigid but should “NOT” be the reason Canadians are denied the Dream of Home Ownership!. We help consumers with Lighter Down Payments and Bruised Credit “Move in today” and prepare for a Mortgage in the future!

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Contact: terry@hosfinancial.com

Contact: jeff@hosfinancial.com

JAAG Properties

JAAG Properties

Adam Wissink & Alfonso Salemi, JAAG Properties

Serving Ontario

JAAG Properties provides real estate options for home buyers and investors. We are dedicated to helping individuals work toward home ownership, while providing exceptional investment opportunities for Investors. JAAG Properties offer a solutions for individuals who may not currently qualify for a traditional mortgage. Your Success is Our Business.


Contact: adam@jaagproperties.com
Contact: alfonso@jaagproperties.com

Homeowners Now

Homeowners Now

Dale Monette, Homeowners Now, Inc.

Operating Nationwide


Homeowners Now is Canada's premier rent-to-own company, helping more deserving Canadians become homeowners every day. Homeowners Now helps individuals with a wide range of circumstances that may not currently qualify for a traditional mortgage. Homeowners Now doesn't just believe that every Canadian should become a homeowner, they've set out a mission to achieve it.

Contact: info@homeowners-now.com