2019 CAROP Summit is Just Around the Corner

Alfonso Salemi speaks with Lawyer, Rod Refcio who is one of the speakers at this years CAROP 2019 Rent to Own Summit.

Limor Marman and Dale Monette are two fo the speakers at the CAROP 2019 Rent to Own Summit. They talk a little about what they will be sharing at the summit.
Alfonso Salemi and Dale Monette discuss some of the highlights for the upcoming CAROP 2019 Summit in Niagara Falls

How Rent to Own Works


Rent to own programs (also known as lease to own, rent to buy or lease to buy) are typically operated by professional entrepreneurs who seek to solve people’s problems for profit. They are not usually charities or not-for-profit societies, but they do include a philanthropic motive.

CAROP urges potential clients to avoid programs where such a motive is not evident.


Home Ownership

Home ownership is the primary way families build personal equity, financial stability, future income and a lifetime of happy memories


Rent to Own

Rent to Own operators help families achieve their dream of home ownership years before reaching mortgage eligibility at the banks


Win-win Solutions

CAROP helps Rent to Own operators provide solutions that are win-win for the client and the provider



Members of CAROP operate professionally and ethically and hold one another accountable to a Code of Conduct


The Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals is the collective voice of rent-to-own professionals across Canada who operate ethically and strive to create successful outcomes for their clients, their investors, and their programs.


Our Mission

To educate and monitor its members in order to achieve successful outcomes between rent-to-own professionals, clients, and investors.


Members of CAROP:

  • have been screened prior to acceptance into the Association;
  • are professionally trained to operate ethical rent-to-own programs;
  • have committed themselves to the Association’s Code of Conduct;
  • carefully screen their clients to avoid setting them up for failure;
  • have credit coaching programs to assist their clients to meet lender qualifications; and
  • accept scrutiny and discipline by the Association.

To find a member program in your area, please click here.

This is accomplished through:

  • Encouragement of ethical and professional conduct among its members.
  • Advocating on behalf of clients, professionals and the industry.
  • Development of beneficial relationships with related agencies.
  • Mutual exchange of resources.
  • Making available educational programs for professionals, clients, and investors.